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Thekkady is unique and abundantly rich with flora, fauna and a wide range of birds. Here, you can get a glimpse of wildlife in a close range, and one can also have an opportunity to see and film the wildlife while they are in their natural habitat. Thekkady is a paradise with its natural scenic beauty, clear waters and the serene atmosphere literally captivates the visitors.


The place of Thekkady flaunts one of the most rich and diversified bio-diversity spots in India – the Periyar National Park. Snuggled up in the heart of nature, this rich wildlife heritage is the claim to fame for not only Thekkady but also the entire Southern part of India.


The Periyar Wildlife Sansctuary is located in the banks of one of the largest man made lakes of Asia, the Periyar Lake. This outstanding artificial lake is formed by the Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River. A boat ride in this lake, advisably in the early morning, is a must see for the lovers of nature. The lake is enclosed by dense, green forest.


This is a unique initiative taken by the Government of Kerela to enable the wildlife enthusiasts to take a peek into the depths of the mysteries of the forests. The Periyar Tiger Trail consists of 5 tourists, 5 guides along with a couple of forest department officials. The members of this team are expected to trek in the morning in the forest and stay inside the tent at night. The guides are generally the former poachers who have been transformed into the preservers of wildlife. The deep knowledge that they possess of the jungle and the animals is thus being used constructively


The Periyar Tiger Reserve is one of the 27 illustrious tiger reserves in India. Managed and maintained with zeal and competence, the reserve offers home and a place of repose to the endangered species of tigers. Spread over an area of around 77 square kilometers, people centered park based ecotourism is the bedrock of this tiger reserve. A tour under the surveillance of the tourist officers can prove to be a mind boggling experience for the lovers of adventure and thrill.


Vandiperiyar 18 km away from Thekkady, Periyar River flowing through the centre of the town on its way to the Idukki reservoir.Vandipperiyar is a small plantation town with its vast tea, coffee and pepper plantations. Vandipperiyar also a major spice trade centre, There is a number of tea factories at Vandiperiyar. Major plantation groups like RBT, AVT, and Harisson’s Malayalam have tea plantations near Vandiperiyar. The Government Agriculture Farm and Flower Garden have a variety of rose plants, orchids and anthuriam. There is a limited number of accommodation facilities and hotels in Vandiperiyar.


Ramakalmedu abundant rolling grass hillocks and sloping meadows sandwithched between the border of tamilnadu and kerala, just 16 km from Nedumkandam, Thekkady- Munnar Road. Rolling green hills and the fresh mountain air make Ramakalmedu and enchanting retreat. The hilltop also offers a panoramic view of Tamilnadu towns of Kumbum, Theni, Kombe, Thevaram, Uthamapalayam, Bodinaykannor and Vaiga. The sight is even wonderful if you could stay there till dusk and see all these towns lighted. You may think “ThareZamin Par” (stars in the ground).


Mangala Devi Temple, an ages old beautiful old stone temple, 15 km away from Thekkady located at an altitude of 1337 m above the sea level, is dedicated to Goddess Mangala. The temple situated in Kerala